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I'm a photographer based in the Midlands working with artists, charities and businesses 

around the world. To capture beautiful moments and tell authentic stories...


Photos that take you there

What I do 

- Portraits

- Gigs & Tours

- Products

- Automotive 

- Charity Specific 

- Events

- Editorial 

My mission is to make every client feel unique. All my work is built on the foundation of positive relationships.

I like to use hard work and creative thinking to achieve unique, enviable results for you.


Taking an image, freezing a moment, reveals how rich reality truly is.

Lastman - me  -Jun 25 2021-4092_edited.jpg

Meet me 

Hey, my name is Ed and I am a medium format photographer from The Midlands in the UK.

What's your Philosophy ?

I am a strong believer in 'The best camera is the one in your hands' philosophy. What makes me love what I do is capturing special moments, It means that the feel is more important that the technicality. It also means I usually carry a great camera wherever I go.

Whats your Style ?

It depends really, at an event or when traveling, I am all about candid snapshots. Always mindful to make sure that my photos capture genuine moments without distracting from them.


On other occasions, when it is all about the photo, like product photography. I enjoy meticulously dialling everything thing in till the colours are perfect and its got clarity for days. 

Why Photography ?

I was in the music industry as an Artist and DJ for 10 years. I loved my time doing music but I found when I should of been doing music stuff, I was honing my skills as a photographer. I would have stacks of work to do but still choose to go for walks and take photos, watch tutorials and edit photos. I went semi-pro in 2019, and it was only natural I would move to do what I love doing full time in 2020.

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