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5 Reasons why you need a professional headshot.

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Number 1 - First Impressions

It seems obvious, but it is true. The first time people see you, be it online or in real life, that image of you leaves a lasting impression. Working with a professional portrait photographer will help you put your best side forward. You can never predict when you might bump in to someone, or they in to you, that could profoundly change your life.

Number 2 - Confidence

I have never met anyone who has been totally happy with how they look. Some are happier than others, non the less self esteem is something we all contend with on a daily basis.

In my photoshoots I make a point of building people up, so they feel good about themselves. Focusing on the best features both in personality and aesthetically.

It’s true, the photographer will be capturing the best moments of you, on a good day. Still when you have an image you are happy with, every time you see it it's a reminder you are capable of feeling great about how you look. That is hugely valuable, especially when you are putting an image out for the world to see. You need to be happy with it so you can focus all you mental energy on the other things you need to do, and not worrying about how you look in your profile picture.

Number 3 - Communication

We know that body language is a vital part of our daily communication. That is only amplified when that body language is frozen in a photo.

Using some posing tricks, a good photographer can help you convey what you need to wether thats bringing out your artistic side, or showing people you don’t have time to mess around.

It’s worth sending you current photo to some trusted friends and family and ask them what they think your photo is saying, If it’s not communicating what you need it too, It might be time to get some new headshots.

Number 4 - The Edge

We know that the first impressions are vital, and how your images aid your communication. If you combine all these factors, they culminate in you having ‘the edge’. Think of it as the ability to cut through the competition and be more recognisable.

Millions of factors go in to how we are perceived, from cultural to evolutionary, the right photo can tick a high percentage of these nuanced perceptions, to help you stand out in the extremely overcrowded world of images. It's a balance of science, art and storytelling all in a portrait of you.

Number 5 - Be Seen

We have all experienced it, when you are on social media and you mistake one person for another because they have a filter on, or there is too little detail to actually see who they are. Maybe there might be multiple people in the display picture, or even worse, they don’t have a picture of themselves at all.

We have all experienced it because it is so common, the norm is bad quality photographs. With a stunning well thought out image, potential clients will be connecting your content with YOU every time you post and no one else.

Having good images of yourself may be way down on your list of things to do, but taking a few hours our of one of your 365 days a year, will help you grow your Buisness, your brand or get hired for a new job.

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